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Maple Street Biscuit Company

1627 Race Track Rd, Fruit Cove, FL 32259

(904) 460-2483

This is a wonderful option for breakfast and brunch destination with the best breakfast sandwiches for you to begin your day with! Their biscuits and gravy is a mountain of delectable goodness you'll have to try for yourself. There's a lot of other options to enjoy such as sweet potato fries, collard green, as well as perfectly cooked hash browns. We recommend bringing the entire famly here, as there's a little something for everybody to enjoy. The sausage gravy is made fresh each and every day, and that's how we know you're going to be impressed with the food.

Vito’s Italian Restaurant

116 Bartram Oaks Walk, Fruit Cove, FL 32259

(904) 429-3868

Vito's Italian Restaurant is the go-to spot for authentic Italian cuisine in Fruit Cove. The home made pasta adds an unforgettable aspect to the eating experience here. You'll never find frozen, overcooked, mushy pasta when you come here to eat! Instead, you can count on this trustworthy spot to churn out dishes that entice your taste buds. We recommend trying out the chicken parmesan and manicotti dish if you're really looking to be impressed. Their wine listing is extensive, so be sure to bring the family here to have an enjoyable night out wining and dining.

Mezcal Cantina

111 Bartram Oaks Walk, Fruit Cove, FL 32259

(904) 373-0492

The Mezcal Cantina is not to be confused with the other restaurant with the same name in California, although they do serve similar food. They have a diverse menu of Mexican food and all of it tastes unique. When Visiting I ordered the fish tacos and they were some of the best that I've ever had. Their guacamole is a little more on the spicy side but I believe you can custom order it to be less spicy. The margaritas were nothing special but still pretty decent. I would say that their service staff is very attentive but nothing over the top to impress us.

Iggy’s Seafood Shack

104 Bartram Oaks Walk, Fruit Cove, FL 32259

(904) 209-5209

Iggy's Seafood Shack is a staple in the Fruit Cove community for fresh seafood and innovative side dishes. The outdoor seating is great, especially when they have live entertainment for the patrons to enjoy. Many residents tend to come here to celebrate events such as birthdays and anniversarties. Their drink specials allow you to enjoy your night without breaking the bank. I definitely recommend trying out the grilled mahi mahi fish, it comes with a coconut rice that's out of this world. The waitresses here are happy to explain any of the dishes on the menu here.