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Jacksonville Face Painters

When having a birthday party for a child, you can never go wrong with a face painter. To children there is just something so appealing about having an awesome piece of art that they got to pick out, displayed on their faces. In Jacksonville, we have an abundance of face painters however all face painters are not created equal. You will come across extremely professional and talented face painters and you will also come across substandard face painters. You will want to hire a face painter that takes great pride in his or her trade. One that upholds strict standards on health, cleanliness, and safety. A true professional with pure talent is your goal. The Jacksonville area has some amazing face painters, but you must do your research so you don’t end up disappointed.

When looking for face painters in the Jacksonville area, the first place you should turn to is the internet! Typing in simple phrases like “face painters in the Jacksonville area” in the search bar should churn up lots of results. You should be able to acquire tons of information there, but you can also speak with friends, relatives, and coworkers to see if they have previously had an exceptional experience with a face painter. You will want to try and gather as much information as possible on the potential hiree. Read any and all reviews from yelp and/or the Better Business Bureau, have a rational clear head when you read reviews. A lot of times clients post a bad review that has no merit. If bad reviews are a constant trend with a particular individual, steer clear!

After narrowing your list of potentials down to just a few, try to gather some more in depth information from the artist's web page. What do they charge? On average how long does it take them to complete a piece of art for a child? How long do they provide their service? Where did they get their training? How did they get into this business? How long have they been painting faces? How many different designs can they do? Do they offer any special touches like glitter? Do they offer anything special for the birthday child? How far are they willing to travel? Is the date your need available? How often are their brushes cleaned? What type of paint do they use? You will want to make sure they use a good quality paint that is certified by the FDA to be applied to the skin. If you can’t find answers for some of these questions, make sure to add them to the list of questions to ask when you meet with the potential artist. Remember, there is no dumb question. You must do your research on the potential candidates if you want to ensure you are hiring a true professional artist with some serious talent.

Hopefully you asked all the questions that give you the ability to make an informed decision on who to hire. Book your face painter, and good luck!

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