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Jacksonville Wedding Bands

So, the decision has been made. You have analyzed the pros and cons of whether you should book a live band or a DJ for your wedding and the live band has won out. We love the decision because there is absolutely nothing like live music for any kind of event. But for your wedding reception, if you get the right band, your guests will be dancing the night away. But before your start your search in the Jacksonville area, there are some questions that you and your fiance need to sit down and answer in order to be as prepared as possible when you do start interviewing potential bands to play at your wedding reception. Remember, it is better to start your search from a frame of knowledge about what you are looking for before you actually begin your search.

Let's face it, money is an issue with most people. So, the first thing that you want to do is to sit down and determine what your budget can be for your live entertainment. You can either have a range or an absolute maximum that you feel that you would be able to pay. But at the same time, as you are coming up with your number, keep in mind that live bands are not usually inexpensive. Their price will vary depending on issues like the number of musicians, traveling, and length of service, but just remember that you are hiring people that have spent years honing their craft and buying expensive equipment. This is a highly specialized field and you are paying for a special skill that they can provide to you. So, that is worth something.

You and your fiance will want to talk over who exactly will be at your wedding. Is it going to be 20 somethings or will the age range run from children all the way up to folks in their 80s. Ask yourself what style or styles of music you believe your guests would enjoy the most. More than likely, it will be safe to seek out a band that can play a wide range of music that will satisfy everyone. Also, you will want to have a discussion about what you want in terms of band make up. Some people have their hearts set on a female singer for instance or a saxophone. In addition, how many pieces do you want in the band. You will want to keep in mind that if you want the songs played to sound close to the original recordings, you will need around 6 to 8 band members.

Start looking at local bands to see if any fit your criteria. Figure out how long that you want the band to perform. Most bands play a standard 4 hours but you need to decide if this is long enough or possibly too long. Do you want a first dance song to be learned by the band. Once you have figured out all of these issues mentioned above, you will be ready to start your search. But at least you have a criteria list to match your potential live bands up to. Once you find a few that fit your criteria, you will want to interview each one and make sure that you see them live or at least watch a video clip of a performance. Once you feel good about one in particular and their price is within your budget, you need to ask for a contract which should state all of the details of the services they will provide as well as how much you will pay for those services. When you have read it over and feel confident about what is in black and white, you can sign and put down your deposit.

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