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We all know how much people enjoy food. And it really doesn't matter where that food is served as long as it is good quality fare. But let's face it, at your wedding you want your guests to not only have a good time, but also to enjoy what is served to them. The traditional sit-down style reception dinner and the banquet style have been around for many years and will always be available to you. But recently, couples have been shying away from the traditional setup and wanting to get creative when it comes to food and drink. You might be one of those who are interested in something different for your wedding. So, if you are, we have provided a discussion below of creative ways to handle your food on your big day, this list is sure to inspire you and get you thinking of some of the possibilities that you might want to avail yourself of.

Have you ever considered serving brunch instead of dinner. This option has become tremendously popular in recent years. Think about the big advantage for you, it will be much cheaper than a dinnertime affair. Some couples are even opting for brunch themed weddings. For instance, an omelet station or mimosas. Another options that many find inviting is using their wedding reception as a chance to use fresh, organic foods that are grown locally. Many couples absolutely love the idea that that not only are they providing healthy fare for their guests, but they are also supporting local growers. Trying to give their guests more of the feel that one would get at certain restaurants is also a path that many have went down. By this we mean couples are asking for the food to be more of an experience. For instance, setting up an oyster bar area where a chef scrambles ingredients right in front of you creates a fun time for your guests.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest things right now is couples wanting to incorporate a fun food truck of some sort into their wedding. For example, they may have all of their guests head outside and have an old fashioned ice cream truck roll up so everyone can get their favorite treat. Or even food trucks with various types of food are being utilized. If barbeque is the fare for the day, they may have a truck roll up with pulled pork and ribs available. Themes are really coming on strong. We have seen stations setup that all related to bacon in some way. This makes for an interesting station as guests roll up on the table to find items like bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon salt, bacon donuts, and bacon cocktails. You can be as creative as you want to be here.

Customizing has also become very popular. A good example of this are couples who take a popular hamburger establishment and place burger and fries in monogram bags for their guests to eat out of. Or there is always the rustic options where food and drink is served in mason jars. What about linking everything up to a particular movie like The Great Gatsby. In making everything connect up with art deco, you could serve items like tea sandwiches, champagne cocktails, and more. With the increasing popularity of breweries and wineries, many people are opting to have a wine tasting or a beer tasting at their reception. When it comes to drinks, setting up beverage stations have emerged as a new hit. There might be one station with cocktails and another with non-alcoholic choices like coffee, tea, and milk. And not all brides opt for cake. A growing trend is to serve cupcakes or pie for dessert. Last but not least, and we know this will not sit well with everyone, some couples are opting for snack type food like pizza and tacos. It is simple and it will cost a whole lot less. And let's face it, who doesn't like those two choices. It is your choice, trendy or traditional, it is all up to you.

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