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If you do anything during your time planning your wedding, do not leave your entertainment choice to the end. This is one of your most important decisions that you will be making for your special day. After the food portion of your reception, this is what the people will be looking forward to the most during their time with you. Remember the things that your wedding DJ will be taking care of for you. They will not only set the mood for your reception with the kind of music that they spin, but they will be acting as your Master of Ceremonies which is tremendously important because they will be in charge of moving the reception along from event to event. This is not a decision to be taken for granted, you want the best for your reception because who you book could make all of the difference in terms of whether your reception thrives or bombs. When you go out looking for a DJ in the Jacksonville area, you will need to be armed with pertinent questions so that you can make a quality evaluation of the candidates that you consider for your wedding. We get you started with what we have provided below.

Anyone that you consider, you will want to find out if they have your date open for your wedding. If they say they do, then you need to setup a date and time that you can interview them and see if there is a great fit between your needs and what they can provide. When you are sitting in front of each candidate that you interview, find out about their experience. How long have they been in business? How many weddings have they done overall and how many have they done in the last year. This is tremendously important because the more experienced they are, the more they will understand the issues that weddings present and what needs to be done to circumnavigate any problem areas that might arise. Ask them what they feel sets them apart from their competitors. What do they feel they could do for your wedding to make it the best it could possibly be. Lastly, ask for references, this should be done no matter what. You want to be able to talk to former customers that experienced them first hand. And you need to know if anything happened at those past gigs that would be a red flag for you. We can also offer Wedding DJ Uplighting.

Something else that you will want to make sure you ask for is a DVD of a past wedding performance. Do you like their style? What about the music? Do they have a set playlist or can you have input in customizing the list? How extensive is their music library? If there are certain songs that you know for certain that you absolutely do not want played at your reception, then bring it up at your interview. To protect yourself, find out what would happen should the DJ not be able to make it to your reception for some reason. Do they require any special setup or electrical outlets? Do they have backup equipment in case it is needed? Do they require a stage? What will they require from your venue? Have they ever worked your venue before? If they take breaks, will they be able to provide music for your guests during the breaks?

We know what you are thinking now. How much is a professional wedding DJ going to cost me? Well, this is something that you will need to ask during your interview. Make sure that you ask for a bottom line price. Does the price they give you include setup and breakdown costs for instance? What kind of deposit is required? All of these questions should give you enough information that you should be able to make an informed decision on which DJ you want and need for your reception.

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