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Let's see, what items do you need to worry about booking for your wedding? There are the venues, the food and drink, the flowers, the invitations, the wedding band, the cake and we could go on and on. But the question that we have for you is this, have you overlooked one of your vendor? Many people take their wedding officiant for granted. They believe that getting anyone at the last second will be fine because after all what does the officiant do other than utter a few words. We cannot stress enough how this would be a major mistake if you are thinking this way. A wedding officiant can make or break your wedding day. Don't forget why you are there in the first place. You fell in love and you are declaring it to the world that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Isn't that worth putting some time and effort into? So, there are some definite attributes that you will want to be in search of as you comb the Jacksonville area for your very own professional officiant. Below we have provided you a guide of sorts that will hopefully lead you to the officiant who will make your ceremony a thing of beauty.

The very first thing that you and your fiance need to figure out is what type of ceremony you want to have. In terms of style, are you looking for a traditional or modern feel? Do you have your heart set on a religious ceremony or are you alright with a secular one? If you want a secular wedding., you should be able to contact the county clerk's office. There you will be able to obtain a marriage license. Also, you will be given a list of local Justices of the Peace who will be able to be your officiant. Call a few of these contacts and discuss the possibility of what they might be able to do for you. Make sure that you meet anyone that you are considering and interview them. You can also contact City Hall. At City Hall, be prepared for more of a quick wedding. You also have the option of having a friend or relative perform your wedding. In some states, a person can obtain a one day designation to perform a wedding. Make sure this is the case in your state. We warn you about this avenue though. Make sure that your friend or family member knows how serious the role is that they will be undertaking.

If you decide to go the religious route, you have a few options. If you are a member of a house of worship, you can obviously check with your clergy person. It is worth a phone call. You can also seek out a denomination that you like. Any potential officiant that you interview, make sure that you ask each one questions that will help you determine if they are the one for your wedding. For instance if your ceremony will be at a secular venue, are they allowed to marry you there? Can you and your fiance customize your ceremony? What about your vows? Can they help you write your own if you so desire? Can they marry you and your fiance if you both are of different faiths? What if one of you is divorced? Is premarital counseling required? Make sure they will be at your rehearsal? This will help everyone with the details. Do they recommend that you meet a few times to get to know each other?

How much do they charge? Do they require a deposit? What is the backup plan if they cannot make it to your wedding for some reason? We hope these guidelines helps you find and hire the high quality professional officiant that you and your fiance and your special day deserve.

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