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As you approach your wedding day, you want to be sure and traverse the hills and valleys of wedding planning in a smart way. When it comes time to consider who should take care of your wedding photography, there are some things that you should know and some questions that you will want to ask. But before we handle those things, there is something that we need to warn you about that you will want to avoid at all costs. If Uncle Louie or Cousin Tim approach you with their affordable camera and ask you if they can capture your wedding, politely decline. Believe us when we tell you that there is a lot more to great wedding photography than just pointing and clicking. When you turn to your wedding albums and individual pictures after your wedding, you want to look on them with pride and know you have a quality product. So, be careful as you head out into the Jacksonville area. Below we have provided to you some critical information that you need to know as you start this all important search.

The last thing that you want to experience is to hire a photographer for your wedding and when you get your photos all you see are horrible shots. You start to wonder what happened to this so called professional that showed you all of these great portfolio pictures from past wedding they had done. We warn you about this because it is a new trend in wedding photography. Here is how it works. A photographer that does not have any good shots for their portfolio borrows or should we say steals some amazing shots from a true professional photographer. This is a true nightmare situation. SO you are probably wondering, how can you avoid being taken like this.

The first thing that you want to look for in any portfolio that someone shows you is consistency. The really high quality photographers have distinctive styles. If you look at someone's portfolio and you see multiple photo styles, you might be looking at photos that were taken by other people. You want to make sure you meet any candidate that you consider for your wedding in person. It is in a face to face meeting that you need to let your gut kick in. If something seems wrong for some reason, pay attention to your instinct. If you ask to see a sample album but they tell you they don't have any to show, watch out. It is time to move on to another candidate.

One way to protect yourself is to ask for references. You can always talk to each one and get their opinion on the quality of their work. Also, look for reviews online. Even take a look at their Facebook page. Take a look at the pictures that they post on the page, are they high quality? Also, beware of anyone that shows you photos that only show the bride and groom. If you don't see any guests or the wedding party in the pictures, there is a good chance the photographer is only showing you workshop images and that they have never shot a real wedding. Make sure that they show you full wedding portfolio pictures. This will give you a better idea of their skills. One last check you can make on a potential photographer is to do a Google search on the candidate's name. You never know what this might bring up so it is worth doing as a double check. In the end, you want to ask a lot of questions, but these tips should help you avoid the nightmare situation of hiring someone who is not what they say they are.

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