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Jacksonville Wedding Venues

Let's face it, there are a lot of decisions to make in reference to your wedding day. But there is none bigger than finding and booking a phenomenal wedding venue. After your ceremony and all of the formalities are out of the way, you and your guests will be looking forward to celebrating and relaxing at your chosen venue. You want to make sure that it is roomy enough to handle the number of guests you have come and all of the activities that you have planned. You are in luck because the Jacksonville area has some out of this world venue locations. What is left for you to do is to find the one that fits your needs and wants perfectly. We recommend that you take your time in your search and do some great investigative work. You should gather as much information about each venue that you visit as possible and then you can compare all of them as you sort through all of the input that was provided to you. Take this guide with you on each visit and you can't go wrong when it comes time to make your final choice.

Before you schedule any site visits, call up the venues you are interested in and ask if your wedding date is open on their calendar. If they already have a wedding scheduled for your day, obviously there is no need for you to plan on a site visit. If they have your date open, ask for a date and time that you could meet to discuss you possibly having your reception there. When you go to meet with a venue manager, you want to have some specific questions with you in order to find out what you need to know about what the venue offers. Ask to be given a full tour of the location. As you are walking through the venue, you have a perfect time to point things out. Try to notice aspects that you like or dislike and talk about what can and cannot be changed in terms of d├ęcor. Is there enough room for the number of guests that will be attending? And by room, we mean room for tables and chairs, dancing area, buffet lines, band or DJ area and more. How many bathrooms are there? Don't take this one for granted. What if you have 500 people and there are only 5 toilets? Need we say more. Are there ample parking spaces for your guests vehicles? Will they offer valet service?

Discussing price can be a tricky business at some venues. Tell the manager you want a bottom line number and a breakdown of how they came to that number. You want to flesh out any hidden fees now. You don't want to be hit out of the blue with costs you had no idea about at the last second. Getting all of these details out in the open ahead of time should be your goal. Talk about setup and teardown fees. Are they part of the bottom line price they gave your or are they considered extra. If the price they quote you is exceptionally low, there might be a hidden fee.

Speaking of setup, find out when your vendors will be able to get have access to the venue on your wedding day? What time do you have to be out of the site? What if you want to stay a bit longer, what do you need to do and how much would it cost you? Who is in charge of cleaning up and what exactly does clean up mean? Do they have a preferred vendor's list that you must use or can you bring in your own companies from outside? Once you have gathered all of this great information, you will be able to sit down and compare the answers of each venue. This should lead to you having a comfort level with one of the places that you visited. When it does, it will be time to look at a contract with all of your details listed out. If you want to do some shopping visit Detroit MI Wedding Venues for a large selection.

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